About Us

About Us
Sayim Agency is an innovative software company that was founded in 2011 and has been operating in the light of modern technology since then. Sayim Agency which carries out its services within the framework of reliability, transparency, speed and superior quality principles is the best solution partner of its customers in individual and corporate projects.
Combining its advanced equipment with professional workmanship, the experienced team of Sayim Agency works not to do the "best" but to do the "best" in all circumstances. Sayim Agency which has transformed its rich knowledge and years of experience in the field of software into 100% customer satisfaction has set out to bring a new understanding to the sector.
Our Services
Web Software: We provide all kinds of ready-made and special software support and we also serve a wide range from small businesses to large companies. We meet all software requirements quickly, practically and effectively with our expert staff who are competent in dozens of programming languages, especially Jquery, Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML.    
Monthly Technical Support: We help manage the workflow with this service that we provide for companies. We know that computer software has a great responsibility in issues such as sustainability, work distribution, communication between departments, communication of the company with other companies. By providing uninterrupted technical support for the software we develop, we ensure that this software is used in the most correct way. We stand behind the software we produce.
E-Commerce and Other Corporate Projects: We work for our customers to reach the point they want even in the most challenging sectors. We design and implement to make them different from their competitors. We offer special packages for e-commerce sites and we also code unique software from scratch in line with the features requested according to sectoral needs. We do not limit our corporate projects to these, we also respond to different software requests.
Overseas Projects: Since our sales network includes many countries, we also undertake projects specific to abroad. We are proud to have a say in the overseas software industry and we continue to make progress every day to expand our services globally.
Our Mission
Being genuine and original, creating extraordinary ideas and applying them, adding value to our customers' projects, making a difference with our qualified services, providing high standards of service not only for the purpose of ‘making money’ but also for ‘making money for everyone, achieving together’.
Our Vision
Becoming a sought-after name in our sector, being a reference brand in Turkey and around the world, facilitating business processes with effective solutions that meet both needs and expectations.

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